Monday, July 05, 2010

Rainy weather

Rainy weather in Mexico
MsTioga and The Team entered mainland Mexico at the end of 2007. Since that time, we have not seen rainy weather as we are seeing in Mexico now. Rain is forecasted over much of Mexico for the following week. Yesterday morning the Sun shown nicely. However, around noon came the clouds. Then the rain came.

Going way back to the beginning of our journey, we have always had a philosophy of remaining in "T-shirt and short pants weather". We are still in that weather, except now our clothes get rained on when we go outside!

MsTioga has a tiny leak
After MsTioga received her fiberglass roof in 2007, we found that rain leaked thru the cabover vent. In order to repair that leak, we had additional fiberglass installed from the roof and up the cabover vent.

It has not rained much since that time, so we have not been able to test that leak repair. Now we find with this ongoing rain, that a tiny amount of rain is leaking past the vent. Where this leak could be coming from is a mystery.

Battery bank back to normal
This morning we checked the specific gravity of our battery bank. You may recall that yesterday during maintenance, we found that the battery water had descended below the plates.

The specific gravity is now back to normal. Not completely up to where it was. But pretty close.

3PM - Sun brings battery charging
All day it has been very cloudy. Without rain, however. The Sun is finally delivering power for charging our battery bank.

We are hoping to achieve a full charge, but that is problematic. Dark clouds can still be seen. And the weather report is for more rain.
Finally some sun!