Thursday, July 22, 2010

Readers love weather

Readers love our weather!
We have received messages from Readers in ShoutBox and email that they love the cool and rainy weather that we are experiencing in the Pueblo of San Joaquin. MsTioga and The Team agree! It is easy to raise the temperature from 50°F outside to 75°F inside MsTioga. And there is very low humidity!

We feel very lucky to be living in this forest. Even though it is very drippy this morning. There is no rain, but there is a light drizzle. When we walk around the park, the ground is muddy. Little rivulets of water flow along the dirt roads.

It is easy to sleep in this weather too. Because there is low humidity, being in bed is very comfortable.
MsTioga on a drizzly morning

4PM - Thank you for Giant Umbrella!
It has been drizzling or raining all day. If it were not for Giant Umbrella, we would be inside MsTioga. However, with Giant Umbrella, we are free as birds!
Jorge under Giant Umbrella
View from MsTioga's rear window

Note: Little Mavicita has a 30-second timer. This is enough time for me to exit Tioga and get into the shot for this pic.