Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rent free living

Rent free living
Before I began to live my vagabonding lifestyle with MsTioga, it was clear that my retirement income would be insufficient to pay rent. Back in 2003, my Social Security income was a bit under $1,000/month. There would not be enough money to pay rent. Also, my new nomadic lifestyle really did not include staying in one place. So, rent would not be part of that lifestyle.

There proved to be some challenges with living on the road and away from the RV campground. There are laws against sleeping in a vehicle in many areas. However, over time, Tioga and I developed the skills required by this lifestyle [link].

Winters in Mexico
Every year as winter approached, MsTioga moved south to try and keep The Team in T-shirt and short pants weather. For our first four years, from 2003 to 2006, we crossed the International Border into Baja California, Mexico.

As winter 2007 approached, we headed into Mexico again. However, this time we entered mainland Mexico for the very first time. Except for a short return to the USA in 2009, MsTioga has remained in mainland Mexico. This coming winter will begin our fourth year living in Mexico.