Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sharing photos

Sharing photos
A Reader wrote this morning asking if my raw photos are stored online. I'd never thought about uploading the raw photos that I take for the public to view. And thinking about that now, I cannot figure out of what use these photos would be? However, I am aware that many photographers upload all of their photos. So, this morning I uploaded a random selection of my raw photos.

When Little Mavicita takes a pic, that pic is stored by the date. If you click [here] you will see the pics that I uploaded so far in date labeled folders. Should I upload all of my stored pics?

Saving videos for playing later
When downloading videos, I've been recording streaming videos [movies] for playing later. The software that I use to do this recording is called "Replay Media Catcher".

Note about above ad: I've used and enjoyed Replay Media Catcher [RMC] for over a year. Yesterday I learned that Applian Technology [the company that produces this software] has an Affiliate program. When you purchase RMC thru my ad link, I'll earn a small commission.

9PM - Just finished supper
Supper this evening was pork sautéed in soy sauce and garlic, breaded and fried zucchini squash, sliced mushroom sautéed in garlic, corn and a dinner salad.

As you may see in the pic below, the meal is served in a cast iron skillet. This is very convenient for food prep and eating. As each food item is finished, it is moved to keep warm in the cast iron skillet which is inside our oven.
Supper tonite