Friday, July 09, 2010

Something neat

Something neat!
When Tioga and I first began our adventure together, we made a deal between us. That deal was that we would always find neat things no matter where we camped. This may sound like a strange decision to make. But its not! This one decision, gave us perspective, and has worked miracles everywhere we went for 7-1/2 years.

We remember the very first time that we tested this idea. Tioga looked for a place to make a Day Camp that had no visible interesting things. It was a vacant lot next to a highway. Mr. Sony Mavica [our camera in 2003] and I walked around that lot. We found very tiny gorgeous flowers growing here and there. What neat little flowers they were! It was a miracle!

We don't remember where this Day Camp and nondescript vacant lot are located. But we see that place in our mind's eye. And the lesson learned that day has never been forgotten!

10AM - Watching Pete Schuster's home construction
We drove to Pete Schuster's property. For the past few months he has been supervising the construction of his new home. Today foundations for the bearing walls were laid out. Tomorrow, digging equipment will arrive to excavate the wall trenches.

4PM - MsTioga's oil change.
Tioga likes her oil to be changed about every 2,000 miles. Tioga loves clean oil. And she hates dirty oil! After the oil change, we made an Afternoon Camp behind the Soriana Store where we stayed yesterday afternoon.