Wednesday, July 21, 2010

T-shirt short pants

8AM - Not T-shirt and short pants weather!
We are camped in a park called Campo Alegre located in the forest above the Pueblo of San Joaquin. We arrived yesterday afternoon. At first there was a sunny sky. During the early afternoon the sunny sky changed to solid overcast. Then came heavy fog. Maybe we were inside a cloud? Temperature dropped below 50°F. Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater has been burning since then and is still burning this morning. During the nite came the rain, which sometimes was heavy rain. This rain came and went several times. No leaks inside MsTioga.

Have you noticed that this summer has been somewhat unusual for the TiogaRV Team? Definitely not a T-shirt and short pants summer! MsTioga who likes dry weather, has often been disappointed lately.

MsTioga is the right size for The Team!
Back around the end of 2002, I was getting pretty serious about buying an RV. However, I did not have any actual experience living in an RV. How big should my RV be?

In order to find the answer to this question, I placed a chair in the center of my apartment's living room. All around this chair in a large rectangle, my Encyclopedia Britannica books were laid out representing the interior perimeter of my RV. I'd sit in that chair and try to imagine if the size were big enough to be comfortable

Now after 7-1/2 years of living inside MsTioga, I'd have to tell you that MsTioga is the perfect size for a fulltimer like me. By the way, Tioga is 27 feet long, bumper to bumper.

3PM - Sun comes to the forest
By mid-afternoon, the Sun made its appearance, brightening up the gorgeous forest. It is not possible to know what kind of weather may come here. Being on the western side of the sierras, clouds seem to back up against the mountain. Then, often during the late afternoon and early evening, the clouds give back any moisture that they picked up along the way.

Just past noon, we turned off our heater. It's about 55°F outside. But inside MsTioga it is about 76°F.
Tioga and George in the forest

Note: A half hour after the pic above was taken, rain returned to the forest.