Saturday, July 31, 2010


Tomlinson Family Update!
Do you remember the Tomlinson family? We met them in Aticama last January [link]. This is a family of three on a bicycle journey traveling from the Arctic to Argentina.

Wife and Mother Ingrid has been sending me email updates of their trip. Daughter Kate has been writing a diary of her view of this amazing journey. This morning I published all of the stories that I have received from Ingrid and Kate.

A permanent link to the Tomlinson Journey is located in MsTioga Magazine. Here is a [link] to Kate's first diary.
Sean-43, daughter Kate-9 and Ingrid-42.

3PM - Busy bees!
We have been busy bees today! There was a problem with XM Radio's antenna. Sometimes when going under low trees, the XM antenna would be brushed back and would sit an angle. Reception is bad unless the antenna is vertical.

We bought a spring loaded hinge and mounted the XM antenna to this hinge. Now when the antenna is brushed back, it pops back up to vertical!
Popup XM antenna