Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vagabonding life

The vagabonding life!
Yesterday when we were hanging out at Pete Schuster's construction site, the subject of "vagabonding vs stick home life" came up. As you may know, I love my vagabonding life. Vagabonding has stimulated and amazed me from the very day that I began living in MsTioga in 2003. However, many times since 2003, the thought of staying put has crossed my mind. And lately, the thought of what might happen if I get too old to travel this way comes to mind.

Pete is stimulated by his thoughts of completing his home, which is now under construction. He dreams out loud to me about building a gazebo, and landscaping his property. When I consider living in one place, I feel that I'd be giving up soooooo much! How could I live in only one place? Wake up in the same place everyday?

Yet, it is clear to me that my vagabonding lifestyle is not the lifestyle of most retired persons. I feel that like Pete Schuster, most retired persons need the security that comes with living in one place. And only a few retired persons even consider traveling around being a vagabond in an RV for the rest of their lives.

For me, however, I would not give up being a vagabond for anything!

9AM - Camped by the lake
Many times as Tioga and I drove the highway south of Tequisquiapan, we've looked and wondered about the lake down in the valley. Recently we could see that the lake has risen a lot because of the heavy rain that came with Hurricane Alex.

This morning we drove down to the lake for the very first time. We were very surprised to find that the lake is formed by a large concrete dam! Tioga pulled into a parking area adjacent to this lake. Little Mavicita and I went up on MsTioga's roof and took the pano pic below.
View of lake from Tioga's roof

1PM - The bucket list
While camping here next to the lake in Tequisquiapan, we watched a movie. "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I've watched this movie several times. And afterwards, wondered about my own bucket list.

I confess to you, that I have no bucket list. I've done pretty much everything that I wanted to do in my life! Amazing? Hmmmm? However, I must also admit that I've not been successful at all the things that I wanted to do. Tried my best though! That's for sure.
Tioga and George with some goats who came to call