Friday, July 02, 2010

Wonderful RV life

Wonderful RV life!
As you may know, MsTioga and I are back together once more! I've lived in five lovely stick homes. MsTioga is my favorite home. Because MsTioga has tires!

Of course I am fantastically biased for my RV life. It is wonderful to be able to choose the neighborhood where I shall go to sleep. Waking up in different places is a blessing too. The morning walk is always in a different location. What can beat that?

It may be that I've never shared with how lucky I am to have only a small retirement. If I would have had a large retirement, perhaps I would be vagabonding around the World living in hotel rooms. Instead of living in the lap of luxury with MsTioga!
Tioga and George

Pete & Jimena's new home
Much of today was spent at the site of Pete & Jimena's new home which commenced construction about two months ago. Pete & Jimena act as the contractors for their new home and Pete remains on site all day long to insure that work is done correctly.

This married couple have been living in Mexico for about ten years. Pete is an interesting guy who speaks with a very pronounced Louisiana accent. He told me many times, "Mexico is the best country to live in for the money." And this must be true. They have built several homes in Mexico for a fraction of the cost back in the USA

Pete published a story for persons contemplating moving to Mexico for their retirement. You might enjoy reading a story from this plain speaking man [link].
Pete & Jimena at their bodega