Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aortic valve surgery

Aortic valve surgery?
The big question is; "Do I need aortic valve replacement surgery at this time?" According to Doctor Espinoza, my aortic valve is doing OK right now and no valve replacement is necessary. However, the final results from the echocardiogram study should be ready this coming Monday, and then I will know for sure.

Doctor Espinoza gave me an explanation of the initial results of the echocardiogram immediately after the ECG. I could not understand the doctor's technical English well enough to tell you for sure what he told me. That explanation had something to do with the measurements taken during the echocardiogram.

When I receive the final results on Monday, I'm planning on asking Jimena Schuster to talk to Doctor Rodriguez for me, because she is fluent in Spanish.

11AM - Off to Bernal!
Pete & Jimena drove by MsTioga to ask if I would like to go off to the Pueblo of Bernal and eat at El Chino Restaurante. Of course I answered, "Yes!"

After lunch at El Chino, we went to Bernal and walked around this lovely town. Bernal is a Mexican tourist town. Hardly any Gringos there. Tourists only are in Bernal on the weekend. During the week it is dead here.
Jorge, Jimena & Pete in Bernal