Thursday, August 19, 2010


Chocolate chip cookies!
We have not baked chocolate chip cookies for many months. Partly because of my desire to reduce the size of my waistline [that's apparently not going to happen!]. And partly because we have not been able to find brown sugar in the stores!

Well, recently we began to see a granulated 'brown' sugar for sale at the Bodega Aurrera grocery here in Tequisquiapan! We thought that perhaps a change in our cookie recipe to all the sugar being this new granulated brown sugar would do just fine! Click [here] for our cookie recipe.

The first batch!

12 Noon - Lovely day!
It is a lovely day at our Day Camp behind the Soriana Store, as you may see in the pic below. When Mr. Datastorm [link] sent his dish up in order to go online, he found that his Hughes modem lost its current software version. Not a big thing, this has happened many times before.

There is a tiny "Rescue Switch" button in the back of the modem. We simply turn off the modem, hold down the Rescue Switch, and re-start the modem. We continue to hold down the rescue switch and in about a minute or so, the modem comes back to life. Then Mr. Datastorm sends up his dish, we go online and Hughes re-sends the current software version.

Being experienced! There is nothing like it!
Looking east at our Soriana Day Camp