Friday, August 27, 2010

Day Nite Camps

Day and Nite Camps
As you may know, the TiogaRV Team has two favorite campsites here in the City of Tequisquiapan. Our Day Camp is on a rarely used street behind the Soriana grocery store. From Day Camp we overlook the reservoir/lake and the mountain southeast of town.

Our Nite Camp is on a quiet side street across from the Best Western Hotel. At our Nite Camp we are close to the center of town and are able to use the hotel's WiFi!

MsTioga and The Team like to make two camps. For us it's fun to go from one camp to another each day. We do the same thing when we stay in the Pueblo of Aticama during the winter and springtime. Our Aticama Day Camp is on the beach of Matanchen and Nite Camp is next to the Little River.
  • Nite Camping Info [link]
  • Day Camping Info [link]

Echocardiogram this evening
This evening I return to Doctor Espinoza's office for an echocardiogram [ECG]. The doctor explained to me during my appointment last Wednesday that the ECG will give information on the condition of my heart and especially the condition of my heart's aortic valve.

With the ECG, Doctor Espinoza will be able to advise me if an aortic valve replacement should be considered at this time. I was born with a bicuspid [two lip] aortic valve instead of the normal tricuspid [three lip] aortic valve. My bicuspid valve has developed leaks, or regurgitation back into the heart chamber.
Human heart