Monday, August 23, 2010

Doctor questions

Doctor questions
As I wrote to you yesterday, I'm going this morning to Doctor Espinoza's office to get an appointment. There are several questions for which I'd like answers:
  • Is my recent shortness of breath when lying down in bed due to heart problems?
  • Many times when I go to bed, I have no problems breathing. Why is that?
  • Last year I often had dizziness when lying down. Now I don't get dizzy. Why?
  • Do I need aortic heart valve replacement surgery at this time?
It seems really odd to me that I feel so good lately. If my heart's aortic valve is leaking enough to give me shortness of breath, shouldn't these breathing symptoms be consistent? Why do my heart related health problems come and go?

I am obviously a slow learner. I've known for over 30 years about the heart disease related to my bicuspid aortic valve. And I'm only now getting a handle on this thing!

8AM - Other things to do today!
You may recall that a few days ago one of Tioga's cabover clearance lites was replaced. This lite had a leak in it that caused rain to go inside the cabover area. Apparently my installation of this new lite was not good, because when it rained yesterday evening, there was still a bit of seepage coming from that fixture. Apparently I did not seal up the hold down screws adequately.

Also, the forward roof vent is still leaking a little bit. I've just about had it with these ongoing leaks, and want to seal them up forever. No more leaks!
  • This morning I'm going to buy some silicone sealant for the clearance lite hold down screws and seal these things up so that they do not leak anymore!
  • Sealing up this roof vent is not rocket science. I want to fix this vent leak today, once and for all!

12 Noon - Doctor and maintenance stuff
When we went to arrange for our appointment with Dr. Espinoza, the nurse/receptionist said that she must phone the doctor for my appointment. I am to return tomorrow morning to receive the appointment date.

After leaving the clinic, we went to a hardware store across the street and bought the silicone sealant that is needed to seal screw holes in the clearance lite fixture and vent cover. Then Tioga returned to our Day Camp behind the Soriana store.

It is now 12 noon. The work on the clearance lite and vent is complete. We also did our routine maintenance on Mr. Datastorm's Motosat antenna. This antenna maintenance included lubrication, re-painting where required and inspection. Mr. Datastorm's maintenance comes up in our Auto Maintenance Pro software program every four months [link].
Jorge doing Mr. Datastorm's maintenance