Monday, August 30, 2010

Echocardiogram results

Echocardiogram results
Today cardiologist Doctor Ricardo Espinoza has promised to deliver the results from his study of my echocardiogram [ECG] taken last Friday. There are many things going on in my mind concerning the problems with my heart's aortic valve.
  • Dr. Espinoza told me immediately after the echocardiogram that it appeared I would not need aortic valve surgery at this time. However, he would need to study my ECG over the weekend to confirm.
  • Researching heart surgery, I've found that remarkable breakthroughs have been made in this field concerning minimally invasive techniques.
  • The Cleveland Clinic video below has comforted me a huge amount concerning my heart's leaking bicuspid aortic valve!
Click image to view video

Note: You may have to play video twice to stop the stuttering playback!