Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Echocardiogram results2

Echocardiogram results day 2
Yesterday I thought that I'd receive my echocardiogram [ECG] results when Doctor Espinoza talked to my friend Jimena Schuster on the phone. Then, Jimena would tell me what the doctor told her. However, that was not to be!

Instead, the doctor asked me to leave a computer travel drive at the medical clinic. The doctor will download the ECG data to that travel drive and leave it for me together with my written ECG report. Then I will get together with Jimena who will translate my ECG report since this report is written in Spanish. I want to make sure that I understand the report completely. That is why I am getting help from Jimena to read it instead of reading it on my own.

12 noon - No ECG report today!
Pete, Jimena and I drove to the medical clinic to pick up my ECG report. However. the report was not there for us! It seems that the doctor promised more than he could deliver. Doctor Espinoza is employed at the IMSS Hospital and was not able to get away to come to the clinic in Tequisquiapan today.

Doctor Espinoza has promised my ECG report tomorrow, Wednesday, in the early evening.