Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feeling great

Why do I feel so great?
Just a few days ago I was having trouble sleeping. When I went to bed I felt short of breath. But lately, I have no shortness of breath. When I go to bed, I go right to sleep. And sleep all nite long!

What is going on? Am I alone in believing that there should be consistency in events like this? I am darned happy to be feeling terrific. But confused too by this abrupt change. Ii's a miracle!

Now that I am getting lots of sleep, I've got a ton of energy. Yesterday all day was spent working on MsTioga. And I did not get a bit tired. Even at the end of the day I was not tired. Hmmmm?

9AM - Went over to Pete's place
The first thing we did this morning, is to go to the clinic to get the appointment for Doctor Espinoza. The appointment is tomorrow, Wednesday, 08/25 at 5:30pm. Then we headed over to Pete's to see what is going on with his home construction. On the way, MsTioga stopped at the propane place to fill her tank.

When we arrived at Pete's, we found his wife Jimena there sitting under a shade tree watching the building guys working. Pete came over and we all talked about what has been going on lately with their home construction

I mentioned to them both about a little restaurant that I found yesterday in Tequisquiapan. This restaurant serves blue corn gorditas. All three of us love blue corn foods. A gordita is a Mexican version of pocket bread. We decided to all go together to this little gordita shop for lunch.

After lunch we returned to the building site where one of the guys was completing the form for constructing an archway. I was very interested because I'd never seen an arch constructed before!
Pete looks at his archway