Friday, August 13, 2010

Ford dealer

Ford dealer
Here is an amazing story! Maybe a miracle story!

This morning we were searching for the location of a Ford dealer here in the City of Queretaro. We need to get service for the brake failure that we told you about yesterday. However, we were not able to locate that dealer in a Google search. Then we checked our email and found a message from Reader José Antonio Abad.

It seems that José lives only a short distance from our Nite Camp at the WalMart. And, in his email José included the GPS location of the nearest Ford dealer! Isn't that amazing?

We hope to meet up with José during our stay in Queretaro.

8AM - Recommendation for brake work
MsTioga went to the Ford dealer in Queretaro. This Ford dealer's service department is small. Much too small for MsTioga to get service.

The people in the service department recommended that we go to the Goodyear shop, whose shop is larger and more accessible to large vehicles. We are at the Goodyear shop now waiting for 9am when they open.

9AM - Brake work
I've spoken with the Goodyear shop manager about the ABS problem. It is not possible to correct this problem for lack of parts in Mexico.

It is not clear exactly what happened last nite when the brake pedal seemed to go close to the floor. MsTioga's brakes were not completely gone. And I was able to brake. After parking, I could not duplicate what had happened.

Yesterday after the mechanic disconnected the ABS system, he checked Tioga's brake fluid with a meter and determined that there was too much moisture in the fluid. The fluid must be changed. This morning the mechanic at Goodyear is going to flush Tioga's brake system. New fluid will be put into the master cylinder reservoir and gravity fed until the clear fluid comes out from each brake cylinder.

Note: Actually, the brake fluid is pressure fed thru each brake cylinder. I thought that it was gravity fed. But the machine that you see below puts the brake fluid under pressure and the mechanic watches at each wheel cylinder until the brake fluid runs clear.
Machine which introduces new brake fluid

Fitting on master cylinder [Red arrow]

12 Noon - Brake flushing complete!
We have returned to the WalMart after the flushing out of MsTioga's brake system. The cost of this brake flushing is 120 pesos [$9.60]. For the life of me, I do not understand how the cost to flush the brake fluid is so inexpensive!

6PM - Miracle story continues!
Do you recall earlier today we told you about Reader José who lives in the City of Queretaro? Well, this afternoon José arrived and knocked on MsTioga's door. We spent the afternoon and evening with José and his lovely wife Ericka.

José and Ericka own an RV too. It is a 21 foot travel trailer. MsTioga was invited by José and Ericka to make a Nite Camp near their home and across the street from their RV.
José, Ericka and Jorge