Friday, August 20, 2010


My health
I've been very open with you about what goes on in my life. The good as well as bad things. Recently I've developed some health issues with regard to sleeping.

Many years ago while my Mom was still alive, I decided not to live as she lived. My Mom suffered from dementia, as did her brother, my Uncle Joe. I figured back then, that if I did not seek extraordinary medical treatment that I would die naturally, at an early age before the onset of dementia. However, my thinking back then may have been a bit too simplistic.

I may have written to you that I have a congenital heart disease [link]. I was born with a heart that has a bi-cuspid aortic valve. That is an aortic valve that has two lips, instead of the normal three lips. A bi-cuspid aortic valve leaks and some portion of the blood pumped from the heart flows back into the heart. As I've aged, the amount of blood flowing back into my heart increased. This heart problem seems to have led to additional problems.

Recently I've begun having symptoms which occur most often when I am lying down to go sleep. I appear to have developed central sleep apnea in which my brain fails to signal the muscles to breathe during sleep. This occurs in up to half of people with symptoms of heart failure. Sometimes recently when I fall asleep sitting up, I am also experiencing central sleep apnea symptoms. As you may imagine, this sleep disorder is not a happy thing for me.

I feel in real good shape except for these things described above. I have no aches or pains and am taking no medication. I really do not want to go to doctors for testing to learn more about what I have described above. I spent enough time during cancer treatment in doctor's offices and hospitals. Don't want to do that anymore!

12 Noon - Front wheel alignment
MsTioga's front wheel alignment is a couple of months past due. The shop where we bought Tioga's new shock absorbers last year has an alignment station, and we went there to have this alignment done.

During the alignment, I noticed a radiator coolant leak. This coolant leak is surprising, because just last January, MsTioga's radiator was repaired by the Ford dealer in Tepic [link]. We received a recommendation for our radiator repair at a tiny shop in Tequisquiapan.
Tioga at the radiator shop

4PM - Missing overflow hose!
After the radiator was removed from Tioga, it was pressure tested in the shop's water tank. Would you believe, there is no leak in this radiator! Apparently there is a missing overflow hose! Radiator coolant flowed out the overflow tube and since there was no hose, the coolant flowed down the radiator top and then down to the ground. We need to add an overflow hose to the overflow tube!

Overflow tube with missing hose!