Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heart stuff

Heart stuff
In yesterday's blog I wrote to you about Doctor Espinoza wanting an electrocardiogram to evaluate my heart condition. My heart's aortic valve regurgitates, or leaks blood back into the heart chamber. What to do about that is the question?

So, this morning I am doing research using Blogger to learn more, such as [link]. I've even found a video showing the surgical procedure for Aortic Valve Replacement! [link]. Wow! Open heart surgery! Thrilling to contemplate undergoing such a thing as that!

My appointment with Doctor Espinoza for the electrocardiogram is at 7:30pm, tomorrow [Friday] evening.

10AM - Healthy breakfast!
This morning instead of a wonderful omelette filled with ham & cheese, I'm eating Kellogg's Extra topped with strawberries. Don't get me wrong. I like dry cereal and strawberries. But I feel hungry after the cereal breakfast.

If I continue eating like this, I bet my waistline plummets!

Cereal and strawberry breakfast!