Sunday, August 15, 2010

La Tortuga

La Tortuga!
This morning my friend Pete Schuster knocked on MsTioga's door. "Would you like to go have lunch at a nice restaurant near Bernal? Papa Gene and I are going this morning".

Of course I replied, "Yes!" And off we went. On the way, Pete told us of a hotel and spa that had been built recently in the mountains north of Bernal. We decided to go see this hotel before we ate.

We had a little trouble finding the hotel. After asking some people who lived in the area for directions, we finally arrived. We learned that the resort is called, La Tortuga [link]. The hotel is constructed of lovely stone and sits way up on a hill looking at the huge rock called, La Peña de Bernal.

It turned out the hotel had a small but nice restaurant which served quesadillas made with blue corn tortillas. So, we at lunch at La Tortuga!
Gene & Pete at La Tortuga Restaurant

Pete looks at the Bernal rock

Jorge, Gene, Pete

Other rear clearance lite
Back in the month of May, we replaced a rear clearance lite whose lens got knocked off [link]. At that time we bought two replacement clearance lite fixtures. However we only installed one of them because the other fixture was still OK. Yesterday we discovered that this remaining old clearance fixture was also cracked. So, we replaced that fixture this afternoon.

There is always some repair or maintenance chore that MsTioga needs done. It's a good thing that we like to do this kind of work!