Friday, August 06, 2010

Maintenance maintenance

Maintenance, maintenance!
It is our experience that living in an RV means maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! Screw heads get rusty and need cleaning and painting. Battery cables corrode. Plumbing leaks. Water heater needs cleaning.

In the pic below you see me tending to a clearance light whose bulb did not burn. After checking that the bulb was OK, testing electrical connections found that the ground had failed. This clearance light is grounded thru a metal part in the interior of MsTioga's wall. Tightening up on the bolt which secures the clearance fixture, re-established the ground connection.

We saw that this clearance light was not burning yesterday evening when we turned on Tioga's lights to go to our Nite Camp. However, checking all exterior lights is an item on our maintenance schedule and comes up once each month.
Clearance light maintenance

Interview with Pete Schuster!
Readers are asking questions in ShoutBox about Pete's new gate. Also about the huge wall that surrounds his new home. I've been thinking about doing an video interview with Pete asking him questions about his home under construction. Also about Mexico. Pete has been living in Mexico for over ten years. He has a unique perspective about Mexico. Also, Pete is a remarkable speaker. A very intelligent and entertaining guy.

I'd like you to send in questions that you might have about Pete's home, Mexico, or anything else. Post your questions in ShoutBox or email me.