Monday, August 09, 2010

Making movie

Making a movie!
This morning Pete Schuster is driving with us in MsTioga to his home construction site. While at the site this morning, Little Mavicita will produce a video called:
"An interview with Pete Schuster"

In this video interview, we will be asking Pete questions about home construction in Mexico. Also, his impression of life in Mexico from his perspective as an expatriate who has lived here for over ten years.

7PM - Video upload problems!
We do not appear to have enough upload bandwidth to send our video to either YouTube or Google! The video is being uploaded right now, but needs 353 minutes to complete.

This is likely much too long a time for this upload.

11PM - Resumable video uploading
YouTube has a new process called "Resumable Uploading". What is supposed to happen is, that the video is uploaded in chunks. When the upload fails for some reason, YouTube begins the uploading process again once the internet connection is re-established beginning with the last completed chunk.

Unfortunately, although this sounds like a great idea, when our video upload stopped, it never restarted! It just sat there without restarting. There does not appear to be a "manual" way to restart a failed upload.

11:30PM - Uploading Schuster video in three parts
Since the uploading process appears unable to handle a large video, we have busted our Pete Schuster video into three parts. Each video will appear below after uploading.