Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie lover

Movie lover!
Have I mentioned to you that one of the reasons I like making Nite Camps across the street from the Best Western Hotel is watching movies? I am a movie lover! The hotel has a fast internet connection. In the morning during breakfast, I often watch a movie.

This morning the movie was, "Blow" starring Johnny Depp. It was the true-to-life story of George Jung, a major cocaine smuggler in the 70s & 80s. Watching the movie was sad for me because of all the things that went wrong in Jung's personal life. In the movie, George Jung was portrayed as not that bad of a guy [link].

10AM - Changing out cabover lights
We are on the way to our Day Camp behind the Soriana Store. On the way we will drop off laundry at Lavanderia Zamiri. It usually costs about $6US to do our laundry.

The plan for today at the Day Camp is to change out three of MsTioga's cabover clearance lights. Changing out these three will complete our conversion to all new cabover clearance lights. We suspect that one of these lights is the source of a tiny rain leak and we'll be looking closely to find and plug that leak.

12 Noon - One light up!
We have the three clearance lights in the center of the cabover to install. We installed the two outer lights awhile back. My intention was to put up all three remaining lights today. However, after one light was up, it seemed a good idea to put the others up on another day.
One light up, two to go!

3PM - MsTioga's library
The year 2003 was a busy time for me and Tioga. By the month of May, we were close to heading out to search for adventure for the very first time. However, there still was a lot of stuff of ours that needed a home. We had already given away furniture, camping gear, and tons of books.

Oh my, all of those books! How could we decide which books to keep? We were determined to only own things that would fit inside Tioga. At the end, we were giving away stuff with both hands to anybody who wanted it. Mostly to the Goodwill Store!

Even today, our library takes up the second most amount of space inside Tioga. Tools being #1. We have over 5 feet of library space! Some of the these books I do not comprehend, but I still keep them. One of these is "The Complete Signet Classic Shakespeare". Another is "Six Centuries of Great Poetry-from Chaucer to Yeats".

Although I do not understand much of the language in these two books, I still try to read them.