Thursday, August 12, 2010


Heading toward Querétaro?
In my August, 2010 Trip Plan, I revealed plans to spend some time this month in the City of Querétaro [link]. Here it is the 12th day of August, and MsTioga and I are still hanging around the City of Tequisquiapan. What is going on? Hmmmm?

Well, today is not over yet. MsTioga is still thinking about heading north to Querétaro.

Anti-lock brake system problem
Lately MsTioga has been having intermittent anti-lock brake system warning problems. As we approached the outskirts of the City of Querétaro, the ABS warning problems would not go away. So, we drove into an AutoZone store and asked if they knew a mechanic.

In about ten minutes, Néstor López Molina arrived. Néstor owns his own shop. After looking over MsTioga's AB system, Néstor informed me that parts for our AB system are not available here in Mexico. He recommended disconnecting the system and having the repairs done in the United States.

Using MsTioga's Chilton Shop Manual, Néstor located the ABS and disconnected it. Then we test drove MsTioga to make sure everything is OK. Cost $500 pesos [$40US].

Note: You may have noticed that whenever MsTioga has problems, a good mechanic is easy to find in Mexico. We do not know why this is true, but it is.

4:30PM - At the WalMart!
We used our Garmin Nuvi GPS to find the location of the nearest WalMart. What better thing to do in the large City of Queretaro, than go shopping at the WalMart?

Before we sent Mr. Datastorm up to make an internet connection, Mr. HP and Mr. Hawking looked around for a free WiFi access, and we found several!

In the pic below, you see MsTioga and Jorge in the WalMart parking lot. In the same neighborhood are Sam's Club, Home Depot and Office Max!
Tioga and Jorge at the WalMart in Querétaro

9PM - Terrible brake failure!
This evening we pulled out of the WalMart to look for our Nite Camp on a quiet street. However, after looking around for awhile and not finding that Camp, MsTioga headed back to WalMart for the nite.

Just before we arrived at WalMart, we were in the process of making a left turn. In the middle of that turn, Tioga's brakes went almost to the floor! Not completely to the floor. About 1/2" from the floor. There still existed some ability for the brakes to stop Tioga. After Tioga parked, the brakes seemed to come back to their normal operating movement range.

Our plan to get the brakes repaired when MsTioga is next back in the United States is NOT going to work! We will locate a Ford dealer here in Querétaro tomorrow morning to find out how to properly repair MsTioga's brakes!