Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quiet Queretaro

Quiet Querétaro
As you read yesterday, MsTioga and The Team are camping near the home of our new Reader/friends, José and Ericka. This is a gated neighborhood, with very little traffic. So, it is very quiet for sleeping. We like that a lot!

In the pic below, Little Mavicita captures me just returning from my morning walk The RV trailer in this pic belongs to José and Ericka.
My morning walk in Querétaro

6PM - Back in Tequisquiapan
About mid-afternoon we left our Camp near José and Ericka's home thinking just to drive around the City of Querétaro. However, we found that MsTioga and The Team were actually heading back to our little Town of Tequisquiapan!

We must accept that the TiogaRV Team are really small town people. Big cities such as Querétaro are nice, especially for shopping. But we feel much more at home and much more comfortable in Tequisquiapan!