Sunday, August 29, 2010

Re-engineering MsTioga

Re-engineering MsTioga
We on the TiogaRV Team have done a lot of re-engineering with MsTioga. One of our first re-engineering projects was replacing Tioga's cabover floor. It seems that when Fleetwood designed the "Front Cab-Over Section", two major blunders were made:
  • (6) 1/2" diameter holes were drilled thru the fiberglass cabover roof for routing of the clearance light wire harness and these holes were left unsealed
  • No mounting was provided in the cabover construction for securing clearance light fixtures
In the years prior to 2003, before Tioga joined The Team, rainwater entered these unsealed wire harness holes and destroyed the cabover floor. This was concealed damage which we did not discover until July, 2003. We replaced the destroyed cabover floor and collateral damage while at Wild Turkey Camp. This is a lovely forest boondock camp near Mount Rainier in the State of Washington.

You may read about our 2003 Wild Turkey Wood Shop that we set up to do these repairs by clicking [here] . Read until Monday July 28, 2003 to get the whole story.

MsTioga's engineering drawings
MsTioga was manufactured by Fleetwood Industries, perhaps the largest manufacturer of mobile homes and RVs in the world. Before Fleetwood Industries went bankrupt in 2009, the company maintained a wonderful Fleetwood Owner Relations Department.

We asked Owner Relations to mail us many engineering drawings for MsTioga. One set of drawings are the engineering specs for the Front Cabover Section that we are writing about above. We also have many electrical and plumbing spec sheets.

It is a terrible thing that Fleetwood Industries, who tried very hard to please its customers, did not survive the economic nightmare of recent years.

Note: We are still working to this day to resolve the missing mounting for the cabover light fixtures that we write about above. We on the TiogaRV Team are relentless, and never give up. Soon we hope to re-engineer a mounting system for the clearance light fixtures. Lately, we have been thinking about this mounting system every single day!