Sunday, August 01, 2010

Risking roof

Risking the roof!
Reader friends tell me that I am too old to go up on MsTioga's roof anymore. They tell me that it is too risky. I could really hurt myself if I should fall from way up there.

Of course, they are correct. If I did fall, I could kill myself. However, if I stopped going up on Tioga's roof, soon I would be unable to go up there. Yes, I have to be really careful, because I am not as steady on my feet. But I am only 72-1/2 and still able to go up on the roof!
Jorge on Tioga's roof

Mexico - It's a whole other country!
We are at our Day Camp of the past several days behind the Soriana store. As you may see in the pic below, no other vehicle is parked here. Hardly any cars drive on this street.

I just finished washing MsTioga's exterior. Doesn't she look shiny bright? While doing the washing, some people returning with groceries from the Soriana stopped to chat. I get a kick out of the custom of chatting in Mexico. It seems that Mexican people always have time to chat and are soooooo friendly!

Mexico! It's a whole other country!
George & Tioga

Note: "It's a whole other country" quote from Forrest Gump.

Tire damage!
During a maintenance check, we found MsTioga's left rear outside dually has severe tire damage! It may be from a tire slash! Bummer.

This tire was purchased new August, 2009.