Saturday, August 21, 2010

Schusters progress

Pete Schuster's progress
We've not been to Pete Schuster's construction site for several days and decided to head over there this morning. MsTioga was pretty close when we realized that today is Saturday, and the crew does not work there today.

So, MsTioga parked next to the front wall and Little Mavicita and I went up on Tioga's roof to take a peek at what has been going on!
Looks like all the brick walls are up!

More about my health
It likely seems odd to many Readers to find out that I am not doing everything I am able to do to extend my life to the maximum. I don't believe that I can explain my attitude to the satisfaction of all Readers. I did want you to know of my health challenges though. If I did not clue you in and then suddenly died, that did not seem like a fair thing.

You should know, that at 72-1/2 years old, I feel that I am in terrific shape. As I mentioned to you yesterday, I have no aches or pains! I am able to do most everything that I want to do. The sleep problems that I told you about yesterday, are not too much of a challenge for me. When I do not sleep at nite, I nap during the day.