Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Skype miracle

Skype is a miracle!
Today is the day that Social Security [SS] is direct deposited into my bank account. When checking the bank account today, the SS deposit was $7 less than usual. What's this?

Going online to my Social Security account found that there was some kind of an over-payment, and Social Security had adjusted the monthly payment amount to compensate. Apparently this $7 over-payment had been going on for 27 months and SS was going to reclaim a total of $189 from my November, 2010 SS payment.

I had not been to my son David's home for many months, so I'd not read notices mailed there by SS concerning these over-payments. The online information page gave me a 1-800 number to call if I had questions about what was going on. However, I have no phone to make this call. But I do have Skype!

Using Skype I phoned the Social Security 1-800 number. After talking to a computer for several minutes and giving that computer my personal ID info, I was transferred to a real live human being! Isn't that amazing? This live human woman looked up my info and answered all of my questions!

It is really fantastic that I can do all these things from Mexico using only my computer and a connection to the internet. Especially amazing is talking to the Social Security using Skype!

6PM - Doctor Espinoza
At my appointment with Doctor Espinoza he gave me an EKG and immediately after said that he wanted me to return Friday evening for an echocardiogram. My blood pressure is 140/80 and he prescribed Biconcor to lower it.