Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Successful blogging

Successful blogging!
Readers sometimes ask for advice on building a popular website. It seems to me that it is having a mission to be of service to your readers. For me this mission means that every blog post shares something of value. Something of interest to the readers following my blog.

If I were beginning a website today, I would begin with a mission statement of how I would be of service. It would not matter that I would have no readership when I began. The very act of publishing my new website and being of service would be enough.

Below is the TiogaRV mission statement:

TiogaRV Team Mission
To share the vagabonding life with our fellow RVers like yourself. We hope that you will try to boondock and dry camp. We have found great joy in camping away from the RV Campground. We would like you to try our camping life style yourself. Sharing with you our Daily Adventure is our way of encouraging you to try to camp as we do.

Fabulous financial report!
The month of July was fabulous for low expenses! As you may see by reading our TiogaRV Expense Information, expenses for July were $870 [link]. This allowed us to add $981 to savings!

The Google AdSense $680 income showed in the July report was actually earned in the prior month of June. We show income in the month earned, and Google pays one month late.

Our Google AdSense income actually earned in July was over $1,300! This is the 5th best Google AdSense income month in our history!

No tires in all of Mexico
This afternoon we drove to the Servillantas store in the City of San Juan del Rio. The purpose of this trip was to arrange for a Goodyear LT235/85 R16 size tire to be in their stock for our return to the store next Monday. Servillantas is a Goodyear tire dealer.

In checking stock in all the Goodyear stores in Mexico, not one tire of this size was found. A replacement tire must be ordered from the United states and will take about two weeks for delivery. We in the USA take for granted being able to buy stuff that just is not always available in Mexico.