Wednesday, September 01, 2010

T-shirt short pants

T-Shirt & short pants weather!
We just finished posting the Tioga & George Trip Plan for September, 2010. Some Readers may feel that to base what we do and where we go on something so light as the temperature of the air may be a bit shallow. But that's what we do!

Click [here] to read our September, 2010 Trip Plan!

Nos·tal·gi·a n.
1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.
2. The condition of being homesick; homesickness.

I've written to you about nostalgia before.  It happens!  When we contemplate leaving a treasured place.  Up from the depths of emotions rise the mixed feelings that come from anticipation.

Yes, we have mixed feelings from anticipation.  The pull of nostalgia to stay, and the pull of our vagabonding spirit to go.  The yearning to be on the road again.  MsTioga's wheels spinning along the road when she tunes into that 40 mph rhythm of velocity that we love so much.

We will miss our life here in Tequisquiapan.  Our Soriana Day Camp.  Our Best Western Hotel Nite Camp.  And most of all, we will miss our visits with Pete & Jimena at their home construction site.  Just this morning we decided that sometime next spring, we are going to take a bus trip back to Tequisquiapan and spend a few days with Pete and Jimena in their new home.

Reader visits coming back!
As you may see in the image below, Reader Visits during the past year reached a high of 99,769 in December, 2009.  A low count of 55,578 in June, 2010.  But we are climbing back!  Last month in August, 2010 we were at 73,630!

7PM - Jorge's heart report!
I met with Doctor Espinoza at the Pedregal Medical Clinic.  This time, the doctor was on time!  In fact, the doctor was there before I arrived!

Doctor Espinoza says that although there is some calcification of my aortic valve, the echocardiogram shows that I am fine. My heart should be OK without surgery until I am 100 years old!

Doctor Espinoza took my blood pressure. 110/80