Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tioga pre-history

MsTioga's pre-history
Tioga met George in February, 2003 at the Manteca Trailer and Motorhome Company in Manteca, California. However, before Tioga met George and became MsTioga, she existed and was doing stuff. What did she do?

Tioga's pre-history began in November, 1990 at a Ford Motor Company assembly plant somewhere in California. At that time Tioga was a Ford E350 cutaway van. She was delivered to Fleetwood Motorhomes in Riverside, California and remained parked there for several months. In April, 1991, she entered Fleetwood's assembly plant and emerged several days later as a Fleetwood motorhome, Class-C Arrow model.

On April 16, 1991, Tioga was sold for a price of $32,893.50 to El Monte Rents in El Monte, California. Apparently Tioga started out as a rental motorhome! Wow! Isn't that something? We do not know how long Tioga remained as a rental motorhome.

Did a family buy Tioga and go camping with her? How did she wind up for sale at Manteca Motorhome? We do not know! When we bought Tioga in February, 2003, she had 53,746 miles on her odometer. We paid $18,100 cash money for Tioga. She is worth every penny!

Tioga not for permanent housing!
MsTioga's 1991 Owner' Manual has the following statement:
"This product is designed for recreational use and short term occupancy only. It is not designed or intended to be used as permanent housing. Use of this product for long term or permanent occupancy may lead to premature deterioration of the interior."

MsTioga and George have been together for 7-1/2 years. Tioga still has her original upholstery and that upholstery looks great!

11AM - Visiting Pete's construction
We drove to Pete's home under construction. The first thing noticed is the new gate! It is an all steel gate, very wide and high!

All of the foundation walls for the house are complete, and brick wall construction has begun.
Pete and his new gate

View of construction progress