Monday, August 16, 2010

Values Sunday

Reading my values on Sunday
Yesterday being Sunday, I was studying my values [link]. It's been a long time since I first began to create my values in 1993. If you take a peek at my values pages, you may see dates written below some entries. Many goals and other items change over time. My values are living things for me; changing, refining.

I've noticed that it takes a lot longer for me to study my values now, compared to years ago. Nowadays I do a lot of planning which requires thinking about things related to each goal. Yesterday, for example, I spent considerable time on my order value [link] and especially on the goal "To keep my possessions in good working order".

So, this morning when MsTioga and I are drive to our Day Camp behind the Soriana Store, we will be doing an inspection underneath Tioga. The road there is clean paved brick and I am able to pretty easily crawl around on my back and inspect for problems.

My goals have turned into practical tools!

11AM - Much maintenance today!
We have completed a bunch of maintenance chores today. In addition to inspecting the underside of MsTioga, we also: Checked all lights, Checked anti-freeze level, Checked power steering fluid, Checked tire pressure and tread, Inspected propane system.

Some tires needed a little air and we used our electric air pump for that.

Note about propane system inspection: MsTioga Magazine has a story about how we test our propane system for leaks [link].
Jorge inspecting under Tioga