Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ones we love

Ones we love
It seems we never know the ones we love completely.  Even though we struggle to do so.  In the end, perhaps the best we can do, is to love them completely without that knowing.  For years I've tried to bridge the gap with my loved ones by writing in my blog about who I am.  By being open and honest about how I think and feel.   It did not work!

Though my own goal is to know myself completely and share that knowing with others, my loved ones do not feel the same.  What a tragedy!  But that is how things are.  Even so, I cannot give up on them.  I must keep trying.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


As you may have found, in my blog I'm very open with what goes on in my life.  When things have happened to me, good or bad, I've written about those things for you to read.  However, I am in California now meeting with my family about the welfare of another person.  We all feel that it would be inappropriate for me to disclose the private life of another person here in my blog.

12 Noon -  Legal problems
I want to tell you a little about what is going on without disclosing any personal info.  One of my family members is having some legal problems.  I'm here giving support and help to try and resolve the matter.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family emergency

Family emergency!
As I wrote to you yesterday evening, I have a family emergency that requires me to fly from the City of Leon to San Francisco, California today. I cannot explain exactly what this emergency is at this time. I will explain after my family and I are all together to decide what to tell you.

This morning I am driving from the City of Guanajuato to the City of Leon.  While I am gone in California, MsTioga will be parked next to the home of our friends, the Gonzalez family, who live in Leon.  My flight to California leaves this afternoon.

If you are reading this page, please phone lawyer Patrick Clancy 925-639-3158.
I've made arrangements for Patrick Clancy to represent you and be your lawyer.


No maps while MsTioga camped at Gonzalez home in Leon

Monday, September 27, 2010

Music memories

Music memories
This morning while cleaning up MsTioga, our XM Radio was playing the "Seriously Sinatra" station.  Frank, Peggy, Dean, Sammy.  Man-O-Man!  I feel so lucky to be able to listen to that great music.  And it comes out so wonderful on MsTioga's quadraphonic sound system.

Here I am, in the middle of Mexico listening to music from back-home.  Just a miracle!

Keeping everything in its place!
One of the goals in my Order Value is to keep all my stuff in its place [link].  However, I have to admit that I don't always do that.  Sometimes stuff just gathers, and stays in a place for a long time.

Soon, I get used to stuff staying there.  Then one day, like today, I wonder why that stuff is there?  Hmmmm?
A mess about to be cleaned up!

2PM - City of Dolores-Hidalgo
MsTioga and The Team have reached the City of Dolores-Hidalgo. This is the place where Father Hidalgo did "The Grito", the cry for freedom and independence in 1810. That was the beginning of Mexico's war for independence from Spain.

We have made our Camp in a residential neighborhood.

10PM - Family emergency!
I have a family emergency that requires me to fly from the City of Leon to San Francisco, California tomorrow. I cannot explain exactly what this emergency is at this time. I will explain after my family and I are all together to decide what to tell you.

I left the City of Dolores-Hidalgo in the late afternoon and drove to the City of Guanajuato where I am nite camped.  This puts me close to the City of Leon where my friends the Gonzalez family live.  MsTioga will be staying near the Gonzalez home while I am in the USA.

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I've made arrangements for Patrick Clancy to represent you and be your lawyer.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Helping 2

Yesterday's "Helping!" story
Yesterday's story about helping a father and son who asked me for a loan brought a lot of response.  I am thinking that you might like some background about what happened.

When I arrived in the City of San Miguel de Allende, I pretty much knew where I wanted to camp.  I'd visited here several times before.  I had almost reached that camping place when some transit police stopped MsTioga and advised me not to drive into the center of town with such a large vehicle.  Immediately after the police drove away, the father and son drove up together on a small motor scooter.  They were very friendly, and wanted to know what the police wanted of me?  They suggested that I stay in the field where MsTioga has been camped for the past few days.

After that first meeting, the father and son came by several times to chat about this or that.  Was all that dropping by, just to set me up?  It is possible that these two are the same ones who asked for a loan from Reader Croft.  I suggest this because Croft posted in ShoutBox that he was asked for a loan also.  And the loan requester for Croft used the same story line that was used by the father and son on me.  And, Croft was right here here in San Miguel de Allende last year when that loan thing happened to him!

I have never made a loan here in Mexico before for an amount as large as 250 pesos [$20US].  But these two guys were smooth. They worked hard to set me up and get me to know them by dropping by several times.

Makes a great story to tell  and share with you, don't you think?  Hmmmmm?

Pete and Jimena's home update
My friend Pete Schuster has promised to update me each Saturday with pics of his home construction. The pic below shows the progress made with the boveda roofs. Only one boveda on the far left remains to receive a concrete cover.  The other roofs are complete.

The two chimney-like constructions on the bovedas are called cupolas and are used to admit light and air into the room below.
Pete and Jimena's home near Tequisquiapan

Friend in trouble!
A friend of mine who I love sooooo much is in a world of trouble.  This friend has a giant and giving heart.  Recently his world seems to have turned against him.  Faced with challenges that seemed insurmountable, my friend has gone away.  He has not been seen or heard from for over a week.

I am using my blog in hopes of reaching out to my friend.  "Don't lose hope and things will work out for you!"

4PM - Moved camp
We moved our camp to the other side of San Miguel de Allende. There are many restaurants here, some of them closeby! The breeze was blowing the fragrance of Mariscos Mazatlan towards us. So, we went for supper over there!
Fish sautéed in garlic [$5.60US]

Saturday, September 25, 2010


When I first began living in Mexico, I was a suspicious guy.  When people asked me for help, especially help with money, I refused.  However, refusing made me feel uncomfortable.  I had sooooo much compared to most people here in Mexico.  Why was I refusing my help?

After thinking this problem over for awhile, I decided to be non-judgmental of people who ask me for help.  I was just going to give and not worry or be concerned about if the person asking was worthy or perhaps scamming me.

This morning there was a knock on MsTioga's door.  It was a father and son I had met here in the neighborhood of our camp.  The son needed money to pay for tuition at the biblioteca that is due today.  250 pesos is what was needed.  The father assured me that this was a loan, only for today.  Money was coming this afternoon from an architect, for whom the father had painted a house.

I am sooooo thankful that I have the opportunity to help and in doing so, live up to my Values & Goals! [link].

4PM - View from our Camp
The essence of our happiness and joy!  Contemplation is the beginning.  However, it's in the doing that is where it's at!
Toward the northwest

12 Midnite - Loan un-repaid
The father and son never returned to repay their loan. I am sad for them. But feel good for me. I've lived up to my values and goals!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Orange

Wild about Big Orange
I've written to you before about using Turtle Wax Big Orange to clean mini-blinds.  However, I've got to write more about this cleaner because Big Orange is working soooooo well for me! Places that were  impossible to clean, such as corners behind the stove clean up so easily using Big Orange and a small brush.

Every morning lately I go searching for new places inside MsTioga to clean.  MsTioga is looking gorgeous inside.  I do not know what it is about Big Orange that is different than all other cleaners.  It works!  And is sooooo easy to use!  All I do is spray on Big Orange and use a small brush to loosen stuck-on dirt.  The dirt simply dissolves!  And I remove the dirt and residue with a cloth towel.

I buy Turtle Wax Big Orange Auto & Shop Cleaner/Degreaser at AutoZone.
MsTioga has never been this clean before!

1PM - Haircut time
It's haircut time for me. Our present camp is way up on a hill. We are able to look down the hill thru the nearby homes. It looks like around a 1,000 foot drop in elevation.

MsTioga and I went down that hill, and when we got down there asked directions for a haircut shop, called an Estetica here in Mexico. This Estetica closes from 1:30 to 5pm. So, we made an Afternoon Camp to wait for the shop to open.

This neighborhood is a lot different than last nite's campsite. This neighborhood here is purely Mexican. Last nite's neighborhood is close to an ultra-modern mall and there are a ton of Americano homes nearby.

Across the road from where MsTioga is Afternoon Camped, a wife and husband have an elote [corn] stand. The wife told me that they are there every day selling corn. The corn is baked inside the husk and over a fire. There is something about the flavor that the wood gives to the corn that makes it taste sooooo good. I bought one corn for 10 pesos [80 cents US].
Elote stand across the street

7PM - Nite Camp
After the haircut, we shopped the modern mall. Then MsTioga returned to the same Nite Camp she made yesterday.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big and little cities

Big vs small cities
We on the TiogaRV Team prefer camping in the smaller cities of Mexico.  Big cities like where we are now in City of Queretaro offer a lot of amenities, such as shopping.  However, smaller towns such as Tequisquiapan retain the feel of old Mexico.

The neighborhood of our Nite Camp in the pic below, is very modern.  Many of the homes surrounding MsTioga would fit in well in any United States city.

View Larger Map

12 Noon - San Miguel de Allende
We left Queretaro this morning and headed out for San Miguel de Allende, about 30 miles to the west. When we arrived, two policemen stopped us to make sure that large MsTioga was not going to drive the tiny streets of El Centro. We assured them that we were not driving to El Centro.

MsTioga made her Camp in an empty field where two residents told us that we would be safe.
Camped near the center of San Miguel de Allende

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being there

It's like being there!
Have you kept up with the miracle of Google Earth? Below is a pic of the store in San Juan del Rio, Mexico where MsTioga and The Team made our Nite Camp yesterday afternoon. Isn't this fantastic! It's like being there!

When we look at Google Earth, in many countries now appear cameras. When we click on one of these cameras, a globe pops up and takes us inside where we see a 3D image of that location. Google Earth allows us to take the "code" of that globe image, copy and paste it into our blog. And that is what you see below! Man-O-Man! What a miracle world we live in!

Place your mouse pointer on the image below.  Hold the left mouse button down and move your mouse.  Isn't it like being there!  Hmmmm?

Try clicking on the words, "View Larger Map" located below the bottom left corner of the image.

Move your Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out.

View Larger Map

1PM - Carl's Jr!
MsTioga pulled into the City of Queretaro.  We had no particular place to go in mind.  Just searching for adventure.  And then, there it was!  Sticking high into the sky!  A Carl's Jr sign.

Boy-O-Boy!  We love those Carl's Jr burgers!

3:30PM - Nite Camp
After Carl's Jr, we wanted to find our Nite Camp. The hills behind the restaurant looked nice! MsTioga drove up there and we made our Camp in a nice neighborhood next to a tiny park.

The view from this Camp looks west over the City of Queretaro.  Our Camp is in Juriquilla, a suburb of Queretaro.
Juriquilla Nite Camp

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where going

Where are we going?
When we head out this morning, MsTioga will be at the beginning of a 500 mile trip from the City of Tequisquiapan in the mountains of Mexico to the City of Manzanillo on the Pacific Coast.  Our DeLorme map reveals that this trip should take about 12 hours.  However, we on the TiogaRV Team should take about two months to get there.
Our trip - beginning and destination

10AM - San Juan del Rio
We have made a Morning Camp in the City of San Juan del Rio.  MsTioga is in the parking lot of Bodega Aurrera, a grocery chain owned by WalMart.  We like this particular store because it sells our favorite popcorn!  Palomitos maiz de La Merced.  I don't know how La Merced does it, but all their popcorn pops! And tastes soooooo good!

After shopping, I made breakfast right there at this Morning Camp.  Cereal topped with strawberries!  I've started eating healthier since my appointments with Doctor Espinoza, my cardiologist.  Even though I got a clean bill of health, no need to press my luck!

Oh, by the way.  I forgot to tell you that a couple of days ago I bought a blood pressure machine.  It's really easy to use.  And, as you may see in the pic below, my blood pressure is pretty good!
Healthy breakfast!

New blood pressure machine

1PM - Afternoon nap
After breakfast, we got back on the road heading to the City of Queretaro, the capital of the State of Queretaro. However, I zonked out! I need my afternoon nap.

My friend Pete Schuster who has been hanging a lot with me lately would tell you that I need my naps. I love my naps too! There is very little that is as special to me as lying down in my own bed and taking a nap!

We pulled off the highway and made an Afternoon Camp next to a Comercial Mexicana grocery on the south side of the City of San Juan del Rio.