Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Being there

It's like being there!
Have you kept up with the miracle of Google Earth? Below is a pic of the store in San Juan del Rio, Mexico where MsTioga and The Team made our Nite Camp yesterday afternoon. Isn't this fantastic! It's like being there!

When we look at Google Earth, in many countries now appear cameras. When we click on one of these cameras, a globe pops up and takes us inside where we see a 3D image of that location. Google Earth allows us to take the "code" of that globe image, copy and paste it into our blog. And that is what you see below! Man-O-Man! What a miracle world we live in!

Place your mouse pointer on the image below.  Hold the left mouse button down and move your mouse.  Isn't it like being there!  Hmmmm?

Try clicking on the words, "View Larger Map" located below the bottom left corner of the image.

Move your Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out.

View Larger Map

1PM - Carl's Jr!
MsTioga pulled into the City of Queretaro.  We had no particular place to go in mind.  Just searching for adventure.  And then, there it was!  Sticking high into the sky!  A Carl's Jr sign.

Boy-O-Boy!  We love those Carl's Jr burgers!

3:30PM - Nite Camp
After Carl's Jr, we wanted to find our Nite Camp. The hills behind the restaurant looked nice! MsTioga drove up there and we made our Camp in a nice neighborhood next to a tiny park.

The view from this Camp looks west over the City of Queretaro.  Our Camp is in Juriquilla, a suburb of Queretaro.
Juriquilla Nite Camp