Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Orange

Wild about Big Orange
I've written to you before about using Turtle Wax Big Orange to clean mini-blinds.  However, I've got to write more about this cleaner because Big Orange is working soooooo well for me! Places that were  impossible to clean, such as corners behind the stove clean up so easily using Big Orange and a small brush.

Every morning lately I go searching for new places inside MsTioga to clean.  MsTioga is looking gorgeous inside.  I do not know what it is about Big Orange that is different than all other cleaners.  It works!  And is sooooo easy to use!  All I do is spray on Big Orange and use a small brush to loosen stuck-on dirt.  The dirt simply dissolves!  And I remove the dirt and residue with a cloth towel.

I buy Turtle Wax Big Orange Auto & Shop Cleaner/Degreaser at AutoZone.
MsTioga has never been this clean before!

1PM - Haircut time
It's haircut time for me. Our present camp is way up on a hill. We are able to look down the hill thru the nearby homes. It looks like around a 1,000 foot drop in elevation.

MsTioga and I went down that hill, and when we got down there asked directions for a haircut shop, called an Estetica here in Mexico. This Estetica closes from 1:30 to 5pm. So, we made an Afternoon Camp to wait for the shop to open.

This neighborhood is a lot different than last nite's campsite. This neighborhood here is purely Mexican. Last nite's neighborhood is close to an ultra-modern mall and there are a ton of Americano homes nearby.

Across the road from where MsTioga is Afternoon Camped, a wife and husband have an elote [corn] stand. The wife told me that they are there every day selling corn. The corn is baked inside the husk and over a fire. There is something about the flavor that the wood gives to the corn that makes it taste sooooo good. I bought one corn for 10 pesos [80 cents US].
Elote stand across the street

7PM - Nite Camp
After the haircut, we shopped the modern mall. Then MsTioga returned to the same Nite Camp she made yesterday.