Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cleaning mini-blinds

Cleaning mini-blinds!
This morning I was reading fellow RVer Bob Giddings' blog [link].  Bob wrote about his dislike for mini-blinds.  Especially blinds installed behind where he cooks because they are impossible to get clean.

So, I decided to clean MsTioga's kitchen mini-blinds this morning.  The blinds were horrid with grease stains.  I used "Big Orange", one of the cleaners we have on-board.  It took me about 15 minutes to get the blinds shiny bright as new. Right in place where the blinds hang too.  No need to remove the blinds!

Turtle Wax "Big Orange" Auto & Shop Cleaner Degreaser and a cloth kitchen towel for clean up is what was used.  It seems to me that I bought Big Orange at an AutoZone store.
Blinds cleaned with Big Orange

Note: After looking at the pic above, I noticed that a few places were missed while cleaning!

Party planned!
Pete & Jimena Schuster and I will be going to Las Brasas Restaurante this evening to celebrate my heading out of Tequisquiapan.  It is the end of summer!  Time for MsTioga and The Team to begin vagabonding back to the Pacific Ocean for the winter.

Las Brasas is an Argentine style restaurant and specializes in preparing steaks and meats on a large open-air grill in the restaurant's patio.  Yummmm!

6PM - Las Brasas Restaurante
Pete & Jimena drove their car to pick me up at my camp behind the Soriana Store.  A big rain storm was going on.  The streets were flooded.

We parked near the central plaza only a couple of blocks from Las Brasas.  The street was a river!  We all had our own umbrella.  Even though I used an umbrella, you may see in the pic below that my T-shirt got wet!

Las Brasas has a very nice salad buffet for their customers.  The buffet accompanies our entree.  We all ordered the same thing.  Bife de lomo.  I do not know what cut that is, but you may see a pic of it below!
Pete, Jimena & Jorge

My bife de lomo