Sunday, September 12, 2010

Datastorm and Jorge

Datastorm and Jorge!
Yesterday morning, Mr. Datastorm's modem died.  It is a terrible thing when any electronic equipment dies!  Because we are soooooo dependent on our electronic stuff now-a-days.

Mr. Datastorm's dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky, provided us with a backup modem.  Just-in-case!  So, we put this backup modem into Mr. Datastorm's system.  However, the backup modem must be "commissioned" in order to work.  And commissioning using the HughesNet online system is NOT an easy task.

In fact, although we began the commissioning process yesterday around noon [Saturday], the actual commissioning did not get complete until 10am today [Sunday].  Why?  Because the commissioning procedure crashes.  It is full of bugs!  We experimented with all the browsers.  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  Only Firefox would go thru the complete commissioning process.  But right at the end, even Firefox crashed!

Finally by using the WiFi at the Best Western Hotel, we did a Google Search and learned that Firefox needs a special 'Add-On' in order to go completely thru the commissioning process.  If you have a HughesNet satellite, you might want to save this Add-On's URL for yourself! [link].

Mr.Datastorm has additional problems!
A short while ago Mr. Datastorm's modem received the following message:

Broadband Satellite Remote Service History
vsat decommissioned at SUN SEP 12 11:36:19 2010

We on the TiogaRV Team believe that this message indicates a billing problem between Motosat Corporation and HughesNet.  Motosat is the manufacturer of Datastorm and HughesNet is the provider of internet satellite service.

We have sent an email to our Datastorm dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky asking him to contact Motosat Corporation to find out what is what.  However, today is Sunday, so this problem will likely not get resolved until tomorrow [Monday].

Note:  If you have been following the Adventures of Tioga and George for awhile, you may have noticed that we have lots of problems with our Mr. Datastorm.  Yes!  Datastorm is a never-ending challenge for us.  You may wonder why we stick with Datastorm, instead of using a wireless internet service?

We often wonder about this question too!  .

Maintenance things today
We did several maintenance things today.  One was a non-scheduled maintenance item.  Cleaning, lubricating and painting the rear side window.  When the screen was removed, we found that the rod at the bottom that is part of the mechanism that opens the window was badly corroded.  The rod was wire brushed then washed and finally protected with corrosion resistant paint.  When the screen was re-installed, we noticed that it fit loosely on the sides.  Hold down screws were installed to tightly close the screen.

Mr. Levelers is scheduled for maintenance once each month.  Each leveler is cleaned all over and the moving parts are lubricated with white lithium grease.  Two of the levelers were found to have loose pivot bolts!  Good thing that we check those bolts often.

Doors and windows are inspected once every six months.  We like to apply Turtle Wax "Wet & Black" to the door and window seals.  Helps to keep the seals from drying out.  We put "Wet & Black" on Mr. Dometic's door seals too.  Keeps those fridge door seals from sticking!