Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drizzle Karl

Drizzle Karl
Guess what happened to Karl? The hurricane turned into a tiny drizzle over the City of Tequisquiapan. And we on the TiogaRV Team are soooooo happy about that! We did not need 10" of rain on our roof!

Dust on cabinet door!
A woman friend visiting inside MsTioga recently pointed out that there was a lot of dust on a cabinet door!  Wow!  And I take pride in maintaining MsTioga in excellent condition.

However, this lady friend is correct.  That cabinet door was dusty.  And in fact, there is a lot of interior maintenance that is neglected!  I guess that I give a lot of weight to mechanical stuff, and let the esthetic cleaning slide.  So, lately I have been cleaning MsTioga's interior walls, mini-blinds and dusting every thing in sight!  .

6PM - Godzilla Sushi
I've walked passed a sushi place in the central plaza of Tequisquiapan, but never ate there. This evening I decided to have supper at Godzilla Sushi.  From our Nite Camp across from the Best Western Hotel, it only takes about ten minutes to walk to the central plaza.  It is a nice walk, thru tiny streets.

The cost of sushi in Mexico is really inexpensive.  I bought a tray of 30 pieces smoked salmon sashimi, a bowl of steamed rice, a side of cucumbers and cup of hot tea for $9.50US.