Friday, September 03, 2010

Feeling wonderful

Feeling wonderful!
I'm not sure what is causing me to feel so wonderful now? The food that I eat is different. Stopped eating a lot of cookies. Eating a lot more vegetables and fruits. The waistline seems to be getting smaller. And I feel a lot stronger.

Could it be the pills that I'm taking? Hmmmmm?

This morning we're heading up to Pete and Jimena's construction site. A boveda man is coming over to give them a quotation. Do you know about bovedas?

Bovedas are domed ceilings made from brick
Two boveda men came today to give Pete and Jimena quotes for building boveda ceilings for five rooms in their new home. A boveda ceiling is built with no support underneath. Somehow the building technique allows the construction to begin at the outside of the ceiling continuing to the center and the bricks do NOT fall down!

Little Mavicita plans to make a video of the boveda ceiling construction technique this coming Wednesday at Pete and Jimema's new home.
A boveda ceiling