Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First time in Mexico

First time in Mexico!
The very first time MsTioga and I adventured into Mexico was on Thursday, January 15, 2004. I would not remember that eventful day and its excitement, if not for my blog! And I would have forgotten how I felt that very first time using an ATM in Mexico! [link]

I was only 67 on that day in 2004. This morning as I type this to you I am almost 73! I've come soooooo far. And have done soooooo much. It would only be a dream in my memory if it were not for my blog. My wonderful blog that I love so much!
Jorge blogging at 5am

10AM - Fuel filter and lube job
MsTioga returned to the auto repair shop where we want our fuel filter changed out. Also, Tioga needs a lube job.

We like these little auto shops in Mexico. The mechanics really care about grease going into each lube fitting! Also, I get to watch as this work is done and hear what the mechanics are saying to each other. I like that!

Cost for this work: 150 pesos [$12US].
MsTioga at the mechanic

Jorge is a slow student!
There is no doubt about it, Jorge is a slow student. It has taken years to learn about Tioga's maintenance. For example, today's fuel filter change-out was the first time we have done this as routine maintenance. Before we always let the fuel filter fail, then changed it. A real bummer!

We also now change-out Tioga's radiator cap as routine maintenance. We used to let the radiator cap practically disintegrate before replacement.

There are some things that we change-out when a major component goes bad. For example, the water pump. When Tioga's water pump goes bad, we change-out the thermostat and the tiny water pump 90° bypass hose. And perhaps other stuff too!