Monday, September 06, 2010

Fuel filter lubrication

Change fuel filter and lube job
MsTioga needs her fuel filter changed. You may recall that Tioga has had problems with her fuel filter plugging up and stopping the engine. We decided that instead of waiting for the fuel filter to plug up, we would change out the fuel filter once each year.

There is an auto repair shop here in Tequisquiapan where Tioga's rear axle oil was changed last year. We are going to that auto repair shop this morning to give MsTioga a lube job and change out the fuel filter.

11AM - Mechanic taking day off?
We went to the auto shop before breakfast. The mechanics were not there. A helper who was sweeping up the shop told that the mechanics would return in an hour.

After breakfast we went to the auto shop again. Still no mechanics there. The helper told that they would return in an hour. Hmmmm?

That's how it is in Mexico. Here it not a big deal to take a day off work. Since the work we want done is only maintenance, we will wait until tomorrow to get it done. Or maybe the next day!

4PM - Leak report!
Last nite's rain caused a small amount of rain water to leak passed the forward vent. There was considerable amount of rain water on MsTioga's flat roof this morning. That only a small leak was noticed, means to us that our sealing of the vent's hinge holes stopped much of the leaking.

This afternoon we sealed the fiberglass which joins the vent to the roof using Krylon Primer and Sealer Paint. A 3" perimeter area was painted with the Krylon. This should stop the vent leak!

Fleetwood drawings uploaded
A while back we posted about Fleetwood Industries Owner Relations Department mailing us drawings of MsTioga's electrical, plumbing and construction. These drawings are no longer available since Fleetwood went bankrupt in 2009 and was subsequently sold.

Reader Jim A. wrote asking if we could provide copies of these drawings. This afternoon the drawings were scanned and uploaded to our website.

You may view these drawings [here].