Monday, September 20, 2010

Heading out

Getting ready to head out!
Today is our last in Tequisquiapan.  Tomorrow we will be heading out!  There are things we want to do on this last day.  Getting laundry done at the lavanderia is one thing.  And spending time with friend Pete Schuster at his home construction site is another thing.

You may have read in yesterday's blog that we had a going-away supper with Pete & Jimena Schuster at Las Brasas Restaurante.  Pete & Jimena ate all of their steak.  But I brought home half of my steak.  And this morning I have been making little sandwiches with the steak and French bread slices.  It is sooooo good with garlic butter!

Did you wonder if yesterday's heavy rain leaked in thru MsTioga's roof?  Well, following the recommendation of readers, Mr. Levelers [link] tipped MsTioga slightly causing rain to run off the roof.  And we had no leaks!

10AM - Look at the boveda roofs!
When we arrived at Pete's home construction site, Little Mavicita went up on MsTioga's roof to take a pic of the boveda roofs. Four of the five bovedas are now done!

Mexican home construction
Homes in Mexico are not wood frame. The tropical bugs here would make short work of a wood frame home!  So, concrete systems have been developed to accommodate Mexican construction.  We were captured by roof construction systems that are typical here.

In the pics below are a block and joist, the components of a concrete roof.  We drew arrows to show how the block's lips rests on the concrete roof joist.
Concrete roof block

Concrete roof joist