Sunday, September 26, 2010

Helping 2

Yesterday's "Helping!" story
Yesterday's story about helping a father and son who asked me for a loan brought a lot of response.  I am thinking that you might like some background about what happened.

When I arrived in the City of San Miguel de Allende, I pretty much knew where I wanted to camp.  I'd visited here several times before.  I had almost reached that camping place when some transit police stopped MsTioga and advised me not to drive into the center of town with such a large vehicle.  Immediately after the police drove away, the father and son drove up together on a small motor scooter.  They were very friendly, and wanted to know what the police wanted of me?  They suggested that I stay in the field where MsTioga has been camped for the past few days.

After that first meeting, the father and son came by several times to chat about this or that.  Was all that dropping by, just to set me up?  It is possible that these two are the same ones who asked for a loan from Reader Croft.  I suggest this because Croft posted in ShoutBox that he was asked for a loan also.  And the loan requester for Croft used the same story line that was used by the father and son on me.  And, Croft was right here here in San Miguel de Allende last year when that loan thing happened to him!

I have never made a loan here in Mexico before for an amount as large as 250 pesos [$20US].  But these two guys were smooth. They worked hard to set me up and get me to know them by dropping by several times.

Makes a great story to tell  and share with you, don't you think?  Hmmmmm?

Pete and Jimena's home update
My friend Pete Schuster has promised to update me each Saturday with pics of his home construction. The pic below shows the progress made with the boveda roofs. Only one boveda on the far left remains to receive a concrete cover.  The other roofs are complete.

The two chimney-like constructions on the bovedas are called cupolas and are used to admit light and air into the room below.
Pete and Jimena's home near Tequisquiapan

Friend in trouble!
A friend of mine who I love sooooo much is in a world of trouble.  This friend has a giant and giving heart.  Recently his world seems to have turned against him.  Faced with challenges that seemed insurmountable, my friend has gone away.  He has not been seen or heard from for over a week.

I am using my blog in hopes of reaching out to my friend.  "Don't lose hope and things will work out for you!"

4PM - Moved camp
We moved our camp to the other side of San Miguel de Allende. There are many restaurants here, some of them closeby! The breeze was blowing the fragrance of Mariscos Mazatlan towards us. So, we went for supper over there!
Fish sautéed in garlic [$5.60US]