Saturday, September 25, 2010


When I first began living in Mexico, I was a suspicious guy.  When people asked me for help, especially help with money, I refused.  However, refusing made me feel uncomfortable.  I had sooooo much compared to most people here in Mexico.  Why was I refusing my help?

After thinking this problem over for awhile, I decided to be non-judgmental of people who ask me for help.  I was just going to give and not worry or be concerned about if the person asking was worthy or perhaps scamming me.

This morning there was a knock on MsTioga's door.  It was a father and son I had met here in the neighborhood of our camp.  The son needed money to pay for tuition at the biblioteca that is due today.  250 pesos is what was needed.  The father assured me that this was a loan, only for today.  Money was coming this afternoon from an architect, for whom the father had painted a house.

I am sooooo thankful that I have the opportunity to help and in doing so, live up to my Values & Goals! [link].

4PM - View from our Camp
The essence of our happiness and joy!  Contemplation is the beginning.  However, it's in the doing that is where it's at!
Toward the northwest

12 Midnite - Loan un-repaid
The father and son never returned to repay their loan. I am sad for them. But feel good for me. I've lived up to my values and goals!