Saturday, September 04, 2010

Huge roach

Huge roach!
Around 4am this morning I got up for a drink of water. There at the bottom of the kitchen sink was this huge roach! This thing was at least 1-1/2" long. I stood there looking at this monster. I guess it was looking a me too. Every so often it moved around a little bit.

I hate to just smash these things. What if it was a female filled with baby roaches? I decided to capture the giant bug by quickly lowering a cup over it. Once captured, I'd slip a cardboard under the cup, pickup the cup with the roach and throw the damned thing outside!

But that's not what happened. The darned bug was fast. Real fast! When I lowered the cup to capture it, the roach raced along the sink, then up over the sink and down to the kitchen floor. It ran at lightning speed across the floor to the fridge wall. That's when I stomped the sucker. Killed it dead!

No baby bugs came out of the thing. Maybe its a guy bug. Sure glad I got it though. That huge thing grossed me out! I'm pretty sure the bug got inside MsTioga by entering the grey water tank's overflow vent. A couple of days ago the grey water overflowed. Some garbage may have been deposited on the top of the tank during the overflow and that attracted the bug. The roach must have entered the tank and made its way thru the plumbing and came out the sink drain. That roach was intrepid!

Social Security overpayment
Last month my Social Security deposit was $7 short. What's this? I went to my SS online account to find out what's what. The online website claimed that I had been overpaid $189. The overpayment was going to be deducted from my November, 2010 SS payment.

Social Security has a 1-800 number and I used Skype to give that number a call. Talking to a very nice lady, I learned that SS claimed to be overpaying me $7/month for the previous 27 months. Hmmmm? The SS lady told me that a notice about this overpayment had been mailed last July. Since I've not been home to read my mail, I was not informed.

Doing a Google search for "Social Security overpayment", I found that this is a big problem. I feel lucky that SS only wants $189 returned.

5PM - Rainy day in Tequisquiapan
Tioga and George at our Soriana Store Day Camp on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
View from Soriana Day Camp