Sunday, September 05, 2010


After MsTioga received an all fiberglass roof in 2007 [link], there should have been no more roof leaks. However, work that I did in two places on the roof created openings for rain water. One of those places, the cabover clearance lights is pretty much leak free now.

The second place that I did work was to the forward vent. A possible leak point is where the vent cover's hinge attaches to the metal vent. This morning, I removed the screws for that hinge and sealed the holes. Today is a rainy day. It should not take long to find out if the roof vent's leak is now sealed!

This now hingeless vent may no longer be opened. Not a problem, since the vent was never opened anyway.

A good movie!
I watched a really good movie this afternoon. It's called, "That Evening Sun", staring Hal Holbrook. This is the story of a man in his twilight years. He has lived on his farm in Tennessee all his life. After his wife dies, he has an accident. Falls down and breaks his hip. His son places him in an old folks home and puts the farm up for sale.

You may be able to watch this movie by clicking [here].