Friday, September 10, 2010

Never give up

Never give up!
Last nite during an extremely long lasting and heavy rain, the leak that we thought fixed in our forward vent began once again.  This is a major bummer, as you might imagine.  However, even though we have battling this same leak for over two years without success, we will never give up!  We must keep a positive attitude toward stuff like this.  Is there any other way?

In the immediate, we will examine the roof minutely in the area of the forward vent.  And, we will seal paint a wider section around the vent.  MsTioga has a flat roof, instead of an arched roof.  This means that rain water just sits there.  In a roof that is flat, there can be not even a tiny pinhole opening!

When we return to the United States with MsTioga next year, we plan to visit one of those Sealtech shops that find leaks by pressurizing an RV [link].