Wednesday, September 08, 2010


2AM - Roof Leaks
A big rain began falling. In minutes the street where MsTioga is Nite Camped was flooded. In a rain such as this one, it would only be a short time until our forward roof vent would begin to leak.

However, tonite the vent did not leak! Apparently our sealing of the roof and vent on Monday with Krylon Primer and Sealer Paint did the trick!

It sure feels great to be successful in repairing this vent leak! A leak that we have been battling for two years! Now we know that the fiberglass roof needs paint maintenance in order to remain sealed against rain water! A very important thing to know!

Boveda construction begins Monday!
Little Mavicita and I had planned to make a video today showing how a boveda roof [domed roof] is constructed. However, we received an email from Pete Schuster telling that the start of his bovedas has been postponed from today to next Monday.

1PM - Chicken at Richard & Marta's home!
I've not introduced you to Richard & Marta. Don't know why!? Richard & Marta are friends of Pete & Jimena Schuster. Richard & Marta bought the house next to Pete & Jimena's old home located in the center of Tequisquiapan. This year Richard & Marta have become my friends too!

Marta is BBQing a chicken this morning which she was going to bring over to Pete's construction site this afternoon. A little party was the idea. When Pete emailed that the boveda construction was postponed and that he was going to his dentist this morning, Marta decided to invite me over to their home to eat the BBQ chicken and have the little party there. Pretty neat, huh?

Richard comes from Washington State. Marta comes from Nicaragua. They met while Richard was exploring Central America and spending time in Nicaragua. They decided to become a couple and live in Mexico.

Maybe we will ask Richard how he and Marta came to choose Tequisquiapan for their home? And make an interview video of his reply!