Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where going

Where are we going?
When we head out this morning, MsTioga will be at the beginning of a 500 mile trip from the City of Tequisquiapan in the mountains of Mexico to the City of Manzanillo on the Pacific Coast.  Our DeLorme map reveals that this trip should take about 12 hours.  However, we on the TiogaRV Team should take about two months to get there.
Our trip - beginning and destination

10AM - San Juan del Rio
We have made a Morning Camp in the City of San Juan del Rio.  MsTioga is in the parking lot of Bodega Aurrera, a grocery chain owned by WalMart.  We like this particular store because it sells our favorite popcorn!  Palomitos maiz de La Merced.  I don't know how La Merced does it, but all their popcorn pops! And tastes soooooo good!

After shopping, I made breakfast right there at this Morning Camp.  Cereal topped with strawberries!  I've started eating healthier since my appointments with Doctor Espinoza, my cardiologist.  Even though I got a clean bill of health, no need to press my luck!

Oh, by the way.  I forgot to tell you that a couple of days ago I bought a blood pressure machine.  It's really easy to use.  And, as you may see in the pic below, my blood pressure is pretty good!
Healthy breakfast!

New blood pressure machine

1PM - Afternoon nap
After breakfast, we got back on the road heading to the City of Queretaro, the capital of the State of Queretaro. However, I zonked out! I need my afternoon nap.

My friend Pete Schuster who has been hanging a lot with me lately would tell you that I need my naps. I love my naps too! There is very little that is as special to me as lying down in my own bed and taking a nap!

We pulled off the highway and made an Afternoon Camp next to a Comercial Mexicana grocery on the south side of the City of San Juan del Rio.